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plastic injection page

TCL Hunt is a significant and key  supplier to  the plastics industry .We indent and stock  a comprehensive range of quality  plastic polymers from polyolefins  to high end specialised engineering polymers. The applications are diverse and whether you wish to extrude a pipe, insulate a cable , blow a film, injection mould  a  simple container or a complex engineering part ,  we have the  solutions.   Our experienced  and knowledgeable sales team  take pride in helping you take concepts through design to commercial production, and  we are well  supported in this with the extensive technical capabilities of our overseas suppliers, and our  commitment to and involvement with organisations such as Plastics New Zealand.

TCL Hunt compliment our offer of quality  materials to the plastics industry with quality  equipment. This includes injection moulding machinery ,extrusion lines for wire and cable, compounders, and ancillary equipment. Sales of this equipment are fully supported by our trained in house service  engineers and specialist engineering support from suppliers.   Please refer to our ‘Machinery‘ page for further detail.

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