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TCL Hunt recognise that primary producers are vital for the economic prosperity of New Zealand.  Our philosophy is to focus on presenting products and technology which will benefit this important and vital industry.

Our current portfolio includes products such as Arbocel and Vitacel brand engineered cellulose fibre products from J Rettenmaier & Sohne, Germany. Used in poultry diets to improve feed conversion rates, egg production and reduce the impact of wet litter. Adding these products to calf diets encourages the early development of the rumen. Overseas trials have also shown that these products help reduce diarrhea in these young animals.

Diamond V XPC is a long established yeast metabolite product which promotes a stable and productive rumen environment in cows and supports hindgut digestion in horses.

We work with a number of innovative overseas suppliers. Our goal is to provide our customers products that produce many benefits so that they get “more bang for their buck”.

This is a small example of our product list. Please contact us for more information on the range of products we have available for the agricultural market.

Our current supplier list includes:

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