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1937 The company was founded as Techni Chemicals Products Co Ltd and starts to operate as an importer of industrial materials. The name is changed to TCL Marketing during the ‘70s.

1978 Hunt Agencies is formed. Hunt Agencies predominantly serviced the Plastics Industry with polymers and polymer processing machinery. Additional chemicals trading was developed over the years.

1984 Hofmann & Co is founded by Mr Fred Hofmann in Australia, servicing both the Australian and New Zealand markets. Initially the company focused on rigid packaging and machinery for the wire and cable industry but expanded operation into the Australian plastics industry.

1993 United Pacific Corporation, a private investment group, purchase TCL Marketing.

2000 TCL Australia (100% owned by TCL Marketing) is created. An Office is opened in Sydney.

2004 TCL Australia acquire Hofmann & Co, and TCL Hofmann is formed




2008 TCL Marketing acquire Hunt Agencies and TCL Hunt is formed. Industries now serviced include: Industrial/Chemical, Packaging and Plastics Industries.

2009 TCL Hofmann acquires Handelsons Ltd based in Sydney. This strengthens our offering to the plastic polymers industry in both equipment and polymer selection and solutions.

2012 TCL Hunt acquires Space Industries Ltd who are a manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool chemicals , and a wide range of high quality domestic and commercial cleaning products.





2014 TCL Hunt Management acquire 100% TCL Hunt Group from UPC

2014 Red Locker Promotional Products established


2015 Dristud Building Products launched

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